Candlestick 1

2,48 $

Papercraft template: Candlestick 1
Digital pattern for printing (PDF and SVG)
0,98 x 2,17 x 2,17 (inch)
2,5 x 5,5 x 5,5 (cm)

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Candlestick 1

Digital pattern for printing, cutting and assemble (PDF, SVG, DXF*)

*Vector files (DXF or other) on request for free after pattern purchase

Attention! This is a digital product. No physical goods will be shipped.


This papercraft template is a digital pattern designed for printing, cutting, and assembling. It includes both PDF and SVG files, allowing for easy hand cutting or use with a cutting machine.

The digital papercraft template for Candlestick is a versatile and creative resource that allows you to craft your own stunning candlestick. This template provides a step-by-step guide for creating a unique candlestick using paper and other materials. With clear instructions and printable patterns, you can easily follow along and bring your artistic vision to life.

Whether you’re a seasoned papercraft enthusiast or a beginner looking for a fun project it’s a fantastic way to explore your creativity, enhance your home decor, or even create thoughtful handmade gifts for your loved ones. Get ready to embark on a crafting adventure and enjoy the satisfaction of creating a beautiful candlestick with this digital papercraft template.

Download the template now and begin creating your own beautiful candlestick today!


Please be aware that this papercraft candlestick template is designed for use with LED CANDLES ONLY! It is important to avoid using real flame candles with the paper candle holder to prevent any fire hazards. LED candles provide a safe alternative and can still create a beautiful ambiance without the risk of fire. Always prioritize safety when using any type of candle holder. If you want to use candles with a real flame, such a candle holder should be made of non-flammable materials such as concrete.

It can be used to make a concrete planter!

Our papercraft template offers more than just a fun project with paper. With a little creativity, you can also use it to make a beautiful concrete candlestick. Use the paper template as a mold, pour concrete into it, and wait for it to harden. Once the concrete is dry, carefully remove the paper mold to reveal your new candlestick. This project requires some skill and patience, but the end result is a unique and versatile piece that can add a modern touch to any decor. Whether you prefer working with paper or concrete, our template has everything you need to create your own lovely candlestick.

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Difficulty Level:
High (small parts)
Parts: 3
Sheets: 1
Scale of the Model: 0,98 inch height, 2,17 inch wide, 2,17 inch deep (2,5 x 5,5 x 5,5 cm)
Candle diameter: standard scale of model designed for use with a max 40 mm (1,5inch) round candle
Use paper: A4 or Letter size card paper 180 – 220 gsm

Every detail has its own number with large symbols. Follow these numbers for your convenience.

You will receive a zip archive with:

    • template A4 and Letter size (PDF)
    • template A4 and Letter size (SVG)
    • short instruction (PDF)
    • parts arrangement instructions (PDF)

If you need another kind of file, write to me.

All rights reserved. Personal use only! Copying, sharing, transferring, publishing and selling are strictly prohibited without my authorization.

Difficulty level



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There are no reviews yet.

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Leave a review and get a discount coupon for your next purchase!

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