Woman torso (height: 15.75 inch / 40 cm)

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Papercraft template: Woman torso (height: 15.75 inch / 40 cm)
Digital pattern for printing (PDF)
15,75 x 8,23 x 8,03 (inch)
40 x 20,9 x 20,4 (cm)

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Woman torso model

(height: 15.75 inch / 40 cm)

Digital pattern for printing, cutting and assemble (PDF, SVG*, DXF*)

*Vector files (SVG, DXF or other) on request for free after pattern purchase

Attention! This is a digital product. No physical goods will be shipped.

This is a sculpture with a height of 15.75 (40 cm), a sculpture with a height of 31.5 inch (80 cm) you can find here


The Woman Torso Venus Papercraft Template is a stunning and eye-catching design that allows you to create a 40 cm tall model of a woman’s torso, specifically inspired by the Venus de Milo sculpture. This template is not only a creative project but also serves as an attractive display model for storefronts, particularly in jewelry or clothing stores.

Printed on high-quality paper or cardstock, the template consists of carefully crafted pieces that can be assembled to form a three-dimensional representation of the Venus-inspired torso. The model showcases graceful curves and elegant details, capturing the essence of beauty and femininity.

By utilizing this papercraft template as a display model in your storefront, you can add a touch of sophistication and artistry to your space. It serves as a unique and visually appealing way to showcase jewelry, clothing, or accessories while also creating an engaging and memorable atmosphere for your customers.

Whether you’re looking to enhance the ambiance of your store or simply appreciate the beauty of the female form, the Woman Torso Venus Papercraft Template is an ideal choice for creating an alluring and captivating display.

You can use it as a mold for sculptures made of concrete or plaster

In addition to its display purposes, this template can be utilized as a mold for creating garden sculptures made of concrete or plaster.

By using the papercraft template as a mold, you can create a three-dimensional representation of the Venus-inspired torso in a durable material like concrete or plaster. This opens up new possibilities for incorporating art and beauty into outdoor spaces such as gardens, patios, or even indoor settings.

With this option, you can take your creativity a step further by transforming the papercraft model into a permanent and weather-resistant sculpture. The resulting garden sculpture will not only add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your outdoor environment but also serve as a unique and artistic focal point.

Whether you choose to use the Template as a display model in your storefront or as a mold for a garden sculpture, it offers a versatile and visually striking option that allows you to showcase the beauty and grace of the female form in a variety of settings.

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Difficulty Level: Medium (large sculpture, but simple assembly)
Parts: 46
Sheets: 8
Scale of the Model: 15,75 inch height, 8,23 inch wide, 8,03 inch deep (40 x 20,9 x 20,4 cm)
Use paper: A4 or Letter card paper 220 – 300 gsm

Every detail has its own number with large symbols. Follow these numbers for your convenience.
I recommend to start the assembly from the bottom.

What you will get after purchase:

You will receive a link to download zip archive witch contains:

    • template of Woman torso (height: 15.75 inch / 40 cm) in A4 and Letter size (PDF)
    • short instruction (PDF)
    • parts arrangement instructions (PDF)

If you need another size or type of file, write to me.

All rights reserved. Personal use only! Copying, sharing, transferring, publishing and selling are strictly prohibited without my authorization.


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