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Terms of use

SneakyCat Studio website (hereafter “this website”) is operated by SneakyCat Studio team. Please read following terms before using this website. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use this website.

Copyrights and Rights of Publicity

The copyrights for this website belong to SneakyCat Studio team and the copyrights for the materials provided on this website belong to their respective owners. Issues pertaining to Rights of Publicity may arise regarding the use of any of people or characters displayed on this website.


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While every effort has been made to ensure that the information on this website is accurate, current, and useful for your purposes, SneakyCat Studio makes no guarantees in this regard.
SneakyCat Studio also does not guarantee the continuity and reliability of the services provided, the availability of site access, or permission to download materials.
In no event shall SneakyCat Studio be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from the use of this website.
SneakyCat Studio may at any time update, change or delete the information provided on this website without prior notice. SneakyCat Studio shall not be responsible for any damages resulting from such actions.

Use of Website Materials

All of the materials provided on this website may be freely used except in cases falling under any of the items in “Prohibited Uses” below. As to some materials provided on this website, you are required to log into SneakyCat Studio account to download.

Prohibited Uses

Any materials provided on this website (excluding the materials falling into “Famous Paintings” category) shall not be used for any of the following purposes.

  1. Unauthorised processing or modification of the material.
  2. Sale, distribution, transfer, loan, licensing, or other commercial use of goods or products using all or a portion of the material, in exchange for consideration.
  3. Storing all or a portion of the material onto websites other than this website or onto servers or other locations and thus enabling public access to the material.
  4. Exhibiting or distributing all or a portion of the material to the general public at commercial events organised by you or through media created by you, including publications such as commercial catalogues, posters, and flyers.
  5. Using the material in such a manner as to infringe on the corresponding copyrights, rights of publicity, trademark rights, or other rights owned by SneakyCat Studio or the respective rights holders.
  6. Registering trademarks, business names, service marks, or other trade descriptions using all or a portion of the material for yourself or any third party.
  7. Using the material in such a manner as to tarnish the image of SneakyCat Studio, any person concerned with SneakyCat Studio, or this website.
  8. Using the material in a way that violates these terms of use or does not follow the precautions regarding the use of this website, or in any other way SneakyCat Studio deems inappropriate.